Saying Goodbye to my Best Friend.. In memory of Pongo


Today, is a sad day for me and the rest of our family. I lost my best friend and loyal companion for 10 years, my dog Pongo. He is 12 years old and lived a full life. In his memory, I’d like to share this:

January 27, 2014
My Dear Pongo,  
Ten years ago, when you came into my life. You were 2 yrs. young, very active and full of life. I’m not your real owner, but you treat me as if I’m the one. I’m sorry I don’t have enough space in my house, the reason why I had to put you on a leash. It was always a Goodbye and Hello Pongo because I have work to do. You would patiently wait for me and always happy to see me because you know it’s time for me to feed you. Sometimes, I would come home and noticed that you have wounds on your head. I kept asking you “who did it?”, Even though I’m aware that I won’t get an answer from you, instead, you give me a pitiful look. I made a promise to you that we will get even. That day came sooner, I caught one of them, throwing stones at you inside our house. It was those little rascals from the shanties. I gave them some scolding and tell them that you’re a nice dog and should not be treated that way. One of them asked me, Ate, what’s his name?,  I said Pongo, then they said “Bongo, ate?”,. I kept repeating your name but it seems it’s the first time that they heard of such name, so they kept calling you “Bongo”. After that encounter, those little rascals became fond of you, each time they pass by our house they will always shout “Bongo!” Then you’ve met my boyfriend Dos (who’s very afraid of you), you kept growling and barking every time he’s in the house. But that didn’t last long, after a few visits, it was the reverse situation. You became scared of him and I wonder why? I found out that you see him as an authority and I’m the  spoiler. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? It was him who patiently teach you how to sit, lie down and stay.
After staying in that house for 2 years, we moved to a bigger house, but you were left behind  in the old house for a few days. I can see it in your eyes that you thought I totally abandoned you because I only visit you to bring food. I was just busy unpacking all those boxes into our new house. I created your own nook downstairs right near the entrance. It was small but at least you’re not on a leash and can move freely around the house. Living in that house for a year was very memorable to us. Even for a short time, we really bonded because we get to see each other more. I became a stay-at-home wife and I’m just like a mother to you. Every morning when I’m still asleep, you would sneak into my room. I would be awake because of your heavy pawsteps. Remember our marathon DVD series nights? While waiting for Dos to come home from an out of town field work, I'd be a couch potato, watching  episodes of TV series "Heroes" while you were sleeping near me. Too bad, we weren't able to continue the series, because of a screen writers strike, I didn't know if there was a season 2. Everytime Dos and I are having dinner, you’ll be just lying down under the dinner table. You would never attempt to eat food on the table much more take food  that was not given to you. You were very behave and I'm very proud of you. Oh!, Let's not forget the days when you and Dos chasing those pesky rats in that house. I would stand on the chairs and on top of the dining table while you two were busy. 
Unfortunately, after a year, we have to move again, and you knew the reason why. I was ravagely attacked by your enemy Pixie, who lives next door. He can't take it out on you maybe that's why she did that to me. I hear your loud, incessant barking as if trying to rescue me, but you can't get out of the house because I've put you on a leash. After that incident, I became really afraid of dogs, even from you. You always tried to come near me, but I kept a distance from you. Dos took care of you during those times and that's why you two became close. He took you on your daily night walks and your most memorable one, your trip to Greenhills passing by McDonalds. You travelled with us each time we went home to Tarlac on a weekend and that's where you met "Kadz", my mother-in-law's dog, sadly,  he too, passed away just last year.
mcdonalds, dog, dalmatian

dalmatian, dog
February 2008, we moved to a bigger place just next door. We have a garage, which became your house and a garden as your playground. Birds and cats are your friends, you guard the house with your heightened sense and you became our guard dog, we feel safe. You sleep near the gate when a member of the family isn't home yet. You have this habit of sneaking out every time my brother Nigel, arriving late at night. You would be left outside and he wouldn't notice it, until the next morning when Aling Selda, our next door neighbor, would tell me the whole story behind it. You would just wait outside our gate or Aling Selda's and stay there until someone opens the gate. You are very fortunate that she's already awake by that time and she would let you go thru their gate and escorted you to our home. If it weren't for her, the animal pound would have gotten you first and I have paid up P3000 for your release.
Years went by, both of us are getting old, you're not as playful as you used to be and so was I. Still, you managed to do your little play dance you do for me every morning, as I went outside the house to greet you. I noticed that you became quite lonely as you grow older, your face starts to show it. Just when I thought of getting a new puppy to be your playmate, Hidey came into our lives. You became instant buddies. Every morning, the two of you would stand in front of our door (while Hidey kept on meowing so loud) waiting for me to serve you breakfast. Hidey would play tricks on you while both of you were sunbathing after eating. There are times that I knew you felt left out and jealous because it seems that Hidey became the apple of our eyes, but I assured you that you are still my no. 1.
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It's been six months since Hidey came and she had grown up, while you spend most of your time sleeping. You lost your appetite, your balance and your sense of hearing. I knew that this day would come and I'm afraid of it. Maybe I'm in denial that's why I still brought you to the doctor, thinking that you were just sick and would feel better after medication. But the sad part is, hearing the truth about your real condition. I never knew you were in pain because you never showed it. I left you at the hospital with a heavy heart, hoping for a miracle. This early morning at 5:47am, I got a text from the hospital informing that you had passed away. Dos had already left the house for an early flight to Dumaguete and I was alone, crying. My sister Lee, your first human mom, helped me out to claim your lifeless body. You came in a big box just like a present but unlike a gift, I'm not excited to open it. Aling Selda looked  for you this morning, so I had to tell her that you were gone. I asked  for her help to assist me for your burial. She asked Mang Dante (the handyman) to dig the lot that I have chosen to be your final resting place. I placed you under the big Sampaloc Tree (the fallen fruits you used to eat) near where you used to sleep. Hidey was again hiding in the place where you first met her, maybe she was waiting for you to find her, but I knew that you will never come. At 4:28, you were finally laid to rest, I will miss you, my best friend and loyal companion for ten happy years. You’re the best dog I’ve ever had,  your gentle, kind and loved by all. You can now run freely without a leash as you cross the rainbow bridge. Goodbye Pongo!, As I always tell you at night while gently rubbing your head, “Sleep tight”!
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  1. Hi Imee,
    I'm so sorry for your loss... very moving post... RIP Pongo...
    Take Care

  2. In Pongo's last day going to the hospital, he showed that he can still stand up on his own. He never really showed he was in pain, probably its the mind that's willing but the body was weak. He walked as I was about to carry him out of the house and showed he still has his senses as he got out to pee(he knows I would not like it if he was inside the house). You're such a loving and considerate dog wongki... You'll truly be missed...

  3. I'm so sad to hear about the loss of your dog Pongo. It must be very hard and emotional for you right now because you had Pongo for such a long time and from a young age. From the letter you wrote, it seems that you had a wonderful and happy time with your dog although you both went through some trying times. Dogs show so much loyality and companionship and Pongo had the best owner he could have had.

    A very touching and sad post.

    1. Even Hidey, the cat, misses him. Maybe it will take a while before I get the courage to have another dog because Pongo is one of a kind. Thanks!


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