When Pongo met Hidey, a dog and cat story

I have two pets a dog, Pongo, a Dalmatian breed  and a cat, Hidey, a "pusakal" or "pusang kalye" (our local term for stray cats). 
dog, pongo, dalmatian
Let me introduce first my dog Pongo, he was born in January of 2002. He was actually my sister's dog but she gave him  to me when he was a year older, so we've been together for almost 11 years now. Pongo was a typical Dalmatian, very playful and a loyal one. Growing up, his playmates were tiny puppies, toy dogs and cats. 
dog, Pongo, cat, friends
He doesn't get along well with dogs his size. He had nine offspring but he outlived them all. He had a friend cat in our next door neighbor but that too died recently, so he's alone and quite lonely for a dog in his twilight years. My brother was giving me a Labrador puppy so that Pongo can have company but I rejected his offer since I'm still in physical therapy, a puppy would be too much for me to take care of. Then, Hidey came...

It was one rainy Monday, I just came from the hospital (for my rehab therapy), I saw Pongo, barking near the pile of our old stuff near the garage. As I went near, I heard a faint meow (I assumed it was a kitten) but I couldn't see it. I simply brushed it off, I went inside the house and told my husband about it. The next day I saw my husband leaving food on a plate and trying to convince the kitten to come out, and it worked, finally we saw the stray kitten, she (yes, she's a girl) was so dirty but I find her cute. I'm not a cat person, they can be bitchy, hahaha.. (I find it more easier interacting with dogs than cats). I noticed that she had wounds on her ears, suddenly I felt sorry for her and that's when I decided to keep her. My husband and I thought about what would be the best fitting name to give her and since she's been hiding from us since day one, we both agreed to name her "Hidey".
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This was their first encounter, see Hidey's initial reaction when Pongo went near her, as if she was shouting for help, lol...After a few days, Hidey became so comfortable with Pongo that she had taken over Pongo's place. Since Pongo is a nice dog and love cats, he let her have her ways (I told you, cats can be very bitchy). 

cat, dog, pongo, hidey

pongo, hidey, sleep, cat, dog

hidey, pongo, cat, dog, friends

My two pets have become inseparable, they eat together (they eat on each other's plate), bathe together, (but now, Hidey refuses to take a bath) and sleep together. Before it was only Pongo who would wait for my husband to arrive from work, now it's the two of them waiting in front of our gate. Hidey is always behind Pongo, I guess she thinks that Pongo is her dad since she had no family of her own. My husband even made funny stories  about their pictures by putting speaking lines.

Months had passed, Hidey have grown so fast, so playful and sneaky. I don't know if it's just me, but Hidey is sometimes acting like a dog (I'd be scared if she barks one day, lol...), maybe she can be a good guard catPongo, because of his age, have become a bit frail, most of the time he's asleep and can't play with her. The only time that Hidey would play is when I'm around. Despite of this, Hidey keeps him company, she would always stay close to him instead of playing around. Before, Pongo used to be a picky eater. All that changed when Hidey came, I guess Hidey made Pongo's remaining years a happy one. Who would have thought that a dog can live happily with a cat.


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