A Most Touching Moment - a special bond between Pongo and Hidey

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This is not one of those melodramatic scenes that you have seen on TV. I witnessed a very touching moment between two God's creations, a dog and a cat, sorry to disappoint you my fellow humans.Yesterday, as I was preparing our lunch, heavy rain suddenly poured, followed by a thunder. I know that my dog Pongo, is very scared of such situation. So, I went downstairs, I slightly opened the door and called out his name, there
I saw him hiding under our van. I call on him to get inside the house , as he left the van, I also saw my cat, Hidey, hiding on the same spot where Pongo left. I waved at her and immediately she runs towards the door. As Pongo, settled in his favorite spot, Hidey was feeling edgy since she's not used to staying indoors. She kept going near the door as if she wanted to go out. I comforted her and place her near Pongo as I went upstairs and went back to cooking. I asked my husband to keep an eye on Hidey since I was worried that she might be onto something. My husband positioned himself in the dining room which is overlooking the room where my pets are. After a few minutes, my husband motioned me to come near him, when I asked why, he just pointed down to where my pets are. And there we saw, Pongo walked towards Hidey, (who's still standing near the door looking tense) he was looking at her, they looked like they were communicating through their eyes. Then suddenly, Pongo went towards the screen door, pushed it and left it slightly opened. Then he steps away and looked at Hidey, as if telling her "You can go now, if you want". Hidey looked back at him, then walked slowly towards the opened door and left. My hubby and I were in awe, as we witness this touching moment. It could have been a perfect Kodak moment, or should I say an Instagram, but I opted not to take pictures with it because I don't want to distract the two of them. 

Pongo noticed that we were watching them, he stared at us for a moment, then went back to his place. Straightaway, I went to him and pat his head saying, “You did a good job”. 

After witnessing that moment, I began to ponder, “Why can't some of us can be like them?” Helping others without being asked or doing something good without asking something in return?” I bet the world will be a better place to live with.

Maybe it's time that we should start asking ourselves “When was the last time I did a small act of kindness and compassion towards other people?”


Get to know them:  When Pongo met Hidey
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  1. This is so wonderful! I am a HUGE animal lover and stories like this just warm my heart. I have 3 dogs, a rabbit and 5 chinchillas---and they all get along nicely!

    1. Wow, that's nice! it's really good to see when animals get along well. thanks for dropping by :)


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