Hunt's Parmesan Cheese-Spaghetti with Meatballs


In my recipe for today (and some of the succeeding posts) in Cooking for Two,  I'll be whipping up dishes  using a particular brand name product. Nope, this is not a sponsored section of my blog, but these are brand that I patronize and love using in most of my cooking. Today, I'll be using Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce - Parmesan Cheese.

Filipino Doctor, finalist in America Meet World!

Yes, you read it right! A medical doctor from the Philippines, Dr. Nathaniel "Nace" Cruz, is a finalist in America Meet World, a global comedy video contest. When he was asked by a local TV host, if he's a real doctor, he replied "I'm really a doctor, I just happen to look like a patient". 

Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair, Scalp and Skin Oil Therapy - Product Review

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Having thyroid problems is one health concern that is not easy to deal with especially when it comes to your personal appearance. Some of my concerns are dry skin and hair and  falling hair. I've tried several  hair and body products in the market that promises good results but most of them failed. As I grow older (and wiser...), I try to look out for products that are natural, no harmful chemicals yet effective. I was at the Beauty section of Landmark, Makati when I saw this Moringa-O2 Herbal Hair, Scalp and Skin Oil Therapy in one of the shelves. I immediately picked it up and read the packaging (it's very helpful that all the necessary information are there). I noticed that it's by Ardent Naturals, the same company that created Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion, which I got from Sample Room, months ago. I asked the sales lady beside me (who kept on following me where ever I go), if the product was really good. She said that it's one of their best sellers, that's why there were only a few left on the shelves. Upon hearing her response, I decided to get one for myself, and for the price of P99.75 for a 30ml bottle, it's a steal for an all around product. 

Instant Glow Morroco Argan Oil - Product Review

For the past ten years, I have been using the same popular moisturizer for my face as part of my anti-aging beauty regimen. Although it really did wonders of maintaining the youthfulness of my face (aside from my mother's good genes), I was beginning to feel that it's no longer effective for me. So I began looking for the next best thing. As I was browsing the Beauty section at SM Store at Megamall, a sales person approached me to try her product which is "Instant Glow Morocco Argan Oil"Since I've been hearing a lot about this oil from Morocco, I became very interested in what she was offering. At first, I was very skeptical about the efficacy of the product, but after she put a few drops at the back of my hand and gently rubbed it, the oil was immediately absorbed by my skin. I was amazed that there was no greasiness and my skin felt supple. I found out that it's not only for the face, but it's also for the hair and body, an all around product, which is good. I also like the sweet scent, it's not that strong unlike some other beauty products. I became very interested, so I purchased the bigger bottle which is 100ml, for the price of P1,199.75. Luckily for me, the store was on sale that day, so I got it with a 20% discount, great savings!

Will you be My Valentine?

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Have you ever been asked by someone to be their Valentine? February is here and love is in the air! I remembered years ago, every Valentine's Day, some of my male and married officemates would be curious on, who among us, single ladies, will be getting flowers on that day. I don't have any suitor or secret admirer during that time, so I already knew I won't be getting one. My friend Ana, who had a boyfriend who lives in the U.S, always get a dozen roses from him, every year without a fail. Some of my officemates were skeptical about their long distance relationship and thought it wouldn't last. Years went by, then one day, her boyfriend went back to the Philippines and asked her to marry him, of course, my friend Ana, said yes! They now live happily in Canada with their 3 grown-up kids.