New Year, New Hairstyle?

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Every start of the year, I always wanted something new and fresh  and changing my hairstyle is always on top of my mind. If my hair is short, I envy the girls with long locks and the same goes when I have long hair, I wanted to cut it off just to make it sleek and cool.

My hair has always been flat straight. I got a perm (it's my Mom's idea, what was she thinking???) when I was in grade school, but it didn't stay that long, after a few months, it went back to being straight again. For a couple of years I had my hair trimmed short, I have falling hair and gray suddenly popped out of my head because of a thyroid problem. To lessen the stress of seeing my hair lost its luster I decided to cut it really short. After a while, I got bored with my short do, I decided to grow it back. Since I haven't had a long hair in years, I forgot that having long hair is not easy to maintain. Since I live in a tropical climate, I wash my hair more often making it drier, so I have to spend more on hair treatments. I still have gray hair, so I have to color it every month or depending on how fast my hair grows and that would also mean extra expenses just to have it colored plus tip if I go to a salon. 

After a much debate on my head, weighing its pros and cons, I finally decided to have a shorter hair, again! I went to a salon  and after very thorough discussion with my stylist, I agreed to have a bob cut.  After a few snips and cut, Voila! Here's my new look!

new haircut, before and after
What made me decide to do it? Well, here are some of the signs that I'm ready for the big change:

1.     Most of the time I'm wearing my hair up no matter what the occasion is
2.     Always checking out  for new hair trends
3.     I created a board on hairstyle on my Pinterest and most of all...
4.     I complain everything about my hair

Are you ready for a new hairstyle? Still too attached to cut them off (just like me)? Or worried that the cut will go bad? If anything goes wrong, it's just temporary. Keep in mind that our hair will eventually grow back.

So, what hairstyle will it be?


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  2. Oh no, I just lost my comment and can't remember what I just wrote. Let's try again, but if my first comment appears then please delete one of them. Thanks.

    I love your new hair cut Imee. You now look very different but it's still nice. Sometimes, depending on the style, long or short hair can be hard to maintain.

    1. I think I'll stick to short hair for the mean time until I got bored again. Thanks!

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