What do I want for Christmas?

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"What do you want for Christmas?" asks my sister on the other line of the phone. For the past three years, she always asks me this question every time she started shopping for Christmas gifts. For the first year, I ask for something that relates to baking, she gave me a baking pan which I haven't used up to now since I stopped baking to rest my hands as per advise of my doctor. On the second year, I hinted that I need something for the kitchen, then I got a big chopping knife, which is still tucked in the kitchen drawer because I'm afraid to use it. And now, after she asked me that question again, I can't think of an answer, there's a moment of silence on my part. Then my sister started enumerating things that I possibly need, I kept saying, "No, I don't need that!" or " I already have that!". To stop her from guessing I jokingly  told her, " I want an LED TV" then I laugh out loud. She answered back, Ok next time, when I have lots of money". Then I told her any gift will do, then we hung up.

After that phone call, it made me ponder,  What do I really want for Christmas? Why am I having a hard time answering that simple question. Maybe it has something to do with my age, I guess...When we were younger, we have so many wants that I think almost all of us have this Christmas Wish List,  from the simple wish like toys which can be easily given to us up to the most fancy gifts like a gadget. As we grow older, this list has been trimmed down until most of the things on  it were already given to us and now, as for me, I really didn't know what I want.  Unlike the material gifts that we receive each year, easy to get and replaceable, maybe, I just want something more meaningful and lasting. Don't get me wrong, who wouldn't want to get a new iPhone 5s, (not me!, cause I still want that phone) what I mean is, even after I get a new phone this year, I'd still be craving for the latest gadget to be introduced in the coming years. My happiness is just temporary, always in comma and no period.

As I'm writing this post, I have decided what I want not just for Christmas but for the years to come...
  • Good Health for me and my family,
  • To stay positive, happy and accepting whatever my state of life is,
  • And lastly, (please don't laugh at me!) ... WORLD PEACE... seriously... we really need this one!
If I ask you now, What do you want for Christmas, What would be your reply?



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