Before You Buy...Read this!

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Christmas season is just around the corner, shopping malls and even online stores have started to bombard us with  different kinds of holiday sale, but before you spend your hard earned fat Christmas bonus, here are some things you should keep in mind before making that purchase.

1. Make a list of what you want
We are all guilty of buying things on impulse, just because it's on sale, it doesn't mean that we should buy it. List down the things that you want to buy for yourself,  a gadget, an expensive bag or maybe a new appliance in your house.
 2. Do your research
Look around, search the internet, compare prices. Don't be in a hurry to make a purchase, unless you want to regret it later,  after discovering  that the cellphone you've wanted is much cheaper in the next store.
 3. Ask for a better deal
There are some stores that offer discount if you pay in cash or they can hand it to you on an installment basis if you have a credit card. Sometimes credit card companies offer, buy now, pay later with zero interest.
 4. Check the warranty
Sometimes we're so excited to check out at the counter that we forgot to ask for the warranty of the product. Not all warranty coverages are the same, so better ask the salesperson just to be sure that you will have no problem in case that washing machine you bought 3 months ago, will be needing repair already.
 5. And lastly... Ask yourself - Do I really need it? Can I afford it?
If your answer is Yes, then by all means Go ahead and Shop, but don't forget to save some for the rainy day!
Happy Shopping!

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  1. You've got some good seasonal tips here. Whenever I buy a product, I always ask for any discounts especially if I'm getting more than one item in the same shop, and I've got some good deals that way.
    On electrical items I always check the guarantee because most shops will do 1 year but a few shops offer 2 years which is even better.
    Comparing prices beforehand is a must. You save so much money that way.

    I only buy what I need otherwise I know it will just end up in the cupboard. Great post.


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