My favorite comfort food for the rainy days

It's the rainy season once again. Most of the streets in the Metro and nearby provinces are flooded. Some unlucky families have fled to evacuation centers because their houses are already submerged in water. I'm very fortunate that I never experienced such situation.

For some of us, the rainy season brings back bad memories due to disasters, but for me I kept reminiscing my favorite comfort food served to us by my mother when I was young. Aside from "ginataan" Here are some of them of my favorites:

1. Congee or Lugaw - rice cooked with ginger, onions, chicken and then boiled in a large amount of chicken stock until the rice have become smooth, soft and thickened. Then served with eggs, scallions and crispy garlic on sprinkled on top. My mother used to make this on a large pot and we eat this the whole day.
Lutong Bahay 
2. Champorado or Chocolate Porridge - sticky or "malagkit" rice is boiled together with cocoa powder, but my mother used "chocolate de tablea". It can be served hot or cold and topped with evaporated milk. I didn't know that some people eat this with "tuyo" or dried fish, but for us,we eat this as is.
goons with spoons
3. Sinigang or Sour Stew - this is my ultimate favorite, we use beef shanks with bone marrow as the main ingredient. It is made by boiling pork or beef meats using tamarind as base for the sour taste until it's tender. Vegetables are added like taro (radish can also be used), eggplant, onions, tomatoes, waterspinach and green chili.
baby rambutan
4. Lomi - I belong to the Fil-Chinese race and I grew up eating this hot noodles. This is made of thick handmade fresh egg noodles cooked in water or meat stock with meat, bola-bola (shrimp meatballs) and veggies like carrots and cabbage. A little cornstarch dilluted with water is added to thicken the soup.

Heavy rain is still pouring outside, while I'm in the comfort of our home, my husband has left for work and driving on flooded streets. Hmm.. I'm thinking of cooking sinigang for him tonight.


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  1. These recipes sound amazing! Ive always wanted to visit the Philippines. The culture seems so rich in diversity there. Im a culinary buff and I love cooking cuisines from all over the world. I cannot wait to give these recipes a try and maybe one day I will be fortunate enough to visit the Islands!


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