"UNIQLO...From Tokyo to Manila"

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Finally, the long wait is over, UNIQLO Philippines was opened to the public last June 15 at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City . The first Uniqlo store was opened in Japan in 1984.  With all the promotions on Facebook, wherein you have to vote for your favorite shirt (I voted several times but didn't win) and a trip to Japan, it made people, just like me, curious and excited to see what it is all about. 
crowd, long line
long lines before the entrance, and it  is just 10 am
D (my hubby) and I decided to check-out the new store this morning, we arrived at  MOA almost 10am, just in time for the mall to open. To our surprise, there was already a long line of people going to Uniqlo, we were wondering how were they able to get inside the mall, since some of us waited for the doors to be opened (I thought they had camped inside the mall, lol). As posted on their FB page, the first 500 people in line on June 15, 16 & 17 will get the Uniqlo Tote Bag for free!! Lucky for us, we made it to the first 500, yehey!!! 
freebies, coupon
see our coupon numbers 469 and 470....we were told that  due to the limited availability of the tote bags, only the first 500 customers in line (no purchase needed) will be given bags
burly, big
with this burly guys around, no one dared to cut in line
So as not to overcrowd the store, a certain number of customers were only allowed to go inside and after every 5 minutes, another batch will be sent in, we've waited for more than 30 minutes in line before we had our turn. Upon entering the store, you will be greeted  "Welcome to Uniqlo!" by the smiling sales staff (Filipino and Japanese nationalities). Plastic baskets were handed to us as we rushed inside the store. 
clothing, store

shirts, store
The store occupies 1,550 sq.m. of floor space and offers apparel for men, women and children. With popular brands such as Hello Kitty, Metal Gear, Laura Ashley, DC Comics to name a few. They have pants, underwear, bedroom slippers, bra tops, hooded jackets, bags,  chinos, shirts and many more. The men were not just sitting around and waiting for their ladies to finish their shopping, they were also busy shopping for themselves. 
Since Uniqlo had just opened, they have special limited offers to selected apparels.
sale, clothing
 items on sale for a limited time: jeans, t-shirts, polo shirt, bratop  
As expected, there were a lot of people in the ladies section, so I just grab everything that I like and went straight to the fitting room where there's also a long line but manageable and moving. We were allowed to bring only 4 items inside the fitting room in order to accommodate all those waiting in line. You can also have your pants altered after purchasing them, it's free of charge for pants amounting  P990 and above, for those below, a fee of  P150 will be charged.

fitting room
fitting room...clothes to be fitted
cashier, crowd
long lines at the Cashier
Going to the cashier, there was a long line again but we don't mind, at least we still have time to check the merchandise if there are any defects. With the big discounts they offered, we were able to save a lot for all the items we bought.
shopping bags, paper
While waiting in line going to the Cashier, we can't help but notice on what's happening around, a mother helping her daughter on what to buy (because she kept asking her mom, "Is this ok?", father and son bonding while waiting, not to be left out, senior citizens were also busy shopping for themselves and their grandchildren. Outside, people from different walks of life are still lining up and eagerly waiting for their turn. Truly,  Uniqlo is made for all.
crowd, store, people

clothing, crowd, sale
the crowd and the almost empty shelves
Uniqlo Philippines
2F Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia Pacific Drive, Pasay City



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  2. You know, UNIQLO over here (Malaysia), I always think their price is overated..

    1. I read in other blogs that their price in other countries are more expensive than here.


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