It's my birthday!!!!

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I turned 43 today. I have so many plans on what to do on my birthday, I wanted to get a haircut, dye my hair (I swear they kept multiplying by each day), have a facial, a massage, pay my credit card bills and even go to a wellness doctor but  I wasn't able to do that all , something came up at home and I had to fix it. Instead,  my hubby treated me for  dinner at our favorite eating places, Malcom's Place and Seattle's Best Coffee.

Malcom's, restaurant, food
Malcom's Place is a casual dining restaurant with Wagyu dishes as their especialty. It is located along H.V. Dela Costa St. Salcedo Village in Makati City
 What I had for dinner at Malcom's Place....
salad, apple, treats, healthy
Apple Bacon Salad ( our favorite) with Mixed greens, Pecorino Romano shavings topped with Honey Mustard dressing 

salad, healthy
Mediterranean Salad

pesto, chicken
Basil Pesto with Grilled Chicken
Wagyu, sisig
Wagyu sisig
After dinner, we head straight to Bonifacio High Street for a night cap at Seattle's Best Coffee.

waffle, chamomile, tea
Waffle and Chamomile tea

Turning a year older is really something,  my hair is turning gray, body aches here and there, my vision is no longer 20/20 and worst of all, memory gap. I learned to accept all these things, as long as you're happy, it's okay to be 43.

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