Lenten Reflections at Bonifacio High Street

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While we were driving around the city, as most of the streets were free from cars and people, Bonifacio High Street was the opposite, there were a lot of people, mostly families participating in the Lenten reflections called "Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross" as organized by Church Simplified, together with Provill and Fort Bonifacio Devt.

We were given leaflet guide as you walk to all  fourteen interactive stations, based on the gospel accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, set up throughout the mall grounds. To fully appreciate the Walkway, we are encouraged to take part in each station activity.

black, lent, stationsIn Station 3,  our act was to pick up the phone on the table and listen to the voice on the other end. You will hear some of the bad things we say to other people, how we perceived them in a negative way.
cross, black, stationsStation 7, The Cross. I tried to carry one of the cross. I was informed it weighed 30 kilos, no wonder, I can't stand straight and my feet were shaking, but it was nothing compared to Jesus' cross which is 9 times heavier as were told. We are not alone everytime we had problems, He is always there carrying most of the load.
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In Station 6, we were asked to take a piece of black cloth (as provided in the station) which represents all our mistakes in life, our sins and failures. We had to bring it along as we need it in Station 9, The Crucifixion. Here, we're asked to nail the cloth into the cross. It reminded us of God's love for us, that he had to die and be crucified for all our sins.

stations, black, holyweekStation 13, on a piece of paper, we wrote down the name of a person whom we felt had somehow touched our lives in a special way, we post it on the board and offered prayer to that person and Station 14, The Last Supper, we took a piece of bread and cup of wine prepared at the table. It took me about less than an hour to finish all 14 stations, only a small fraction as compared to number of hours I spent watching the tv or surfing the net.
Experiencing the Walkway gave me a fresh perspective in life. Before I left the house this morning, I was feeling down and bothered with so many things, Now,  I'm leaving High Street and going home with a high spirit .


  1. It's so shameful that most Christians reflect only during Lent, and I am so guilty of this.

    Thank you for sharing this Imee.

    God bless you!

    -atta dowdow

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