Beating the summer heat

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I'm here in Baguio City for an overnight stay. It's my favorite place to visit during summer. We're staying at Holiday Park Hotel located along Kisad Road. The place is clean and noise free. Our room was air conditioned and large enough to accommodate 2 people. It has a TV with cable but no refrigerator. Two complimentary bottled water was given to us , coffee is free and available only on the resto near the lobby. With the price of P1,800/night(breakfast not included), it was a good deal as compared to some hotels I've stayed in Baguio.

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For breakfast, we usually ate at the House of Waffles, We go there early in the morning, it's so peaceful and quiet and really, really cold plus we like seeing the thick fog that surrounds the trees.
We ordered Pork Adobo and Tapa and Vigan Longanisa. The servings were so generous and we were so full that we didn't have lunch that afternoon.

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By mid afternoon, we checked out of the hotel and headed to Le Chef at The Manor to have our merienda. We had a craving for strawberries that day that we ordered these two cakes, it's a P110/slice, a bit pricey but they taste heavenly!!!!

food, vizcos, baguioI also discovered a new place to eat good food without paying much.  We were looking for nice resto to have  dinner, we left our car in the hotel and started walking around the city till we reached Session Road and saw this place Visco's Restaurant. They serve pizza, pasta and cakes. Since it's our first time to eat here, we asked for their bestsellers. The garlic and sun-dried tomato pasta was really good, I have never eaten a veggie pasta before and i enjoyed eating it especially the sun-dried tomato. The Hawaiian pizza looks like an ordinary pizza when served to us but once we tasted it, it's much better than Pizza Hut or Shakey's version. The mozzarella cheese really blew me away. As we were eating, I noticed a lot of customers were buying cake for take out, so we decided to  order and  got the strawberry shortcake. The cake was a bit sweeter than the one we had at The Manor, but still, it's one of the best cakes I have ever tasted and it's affordable.

Everytime I was in Baguio, I always visit Camp John Hay and sometimes stay at The Manor. I like the serenity of the place and especially the crisp smell of the pine trees, although, once I had a bad experience, I was strolling around the park when I was clawed on the head by one of crows that were hovering around the trees, it's a good thing I was overweight then, the crow wasn't able to bring my whole body up in the air, ha..ha..ha..

Mile-Hi is also a place not to miss, if you need a place to stay during your vacation, you can check in at the Mile-Hi Inn. There's also some souvenir shops, clothing store or if you're hungry, there's a lot of restaurants around the place. It's a nice place to hang out with your relatives and friends because it's not as busy as the Session Road or Legarda street but you can still have fun.

I  love it when I was in Baguio, my body is responding well to the weather and the beauty of the surroundings. My skin was tight and smooth and my hair went back to being straight again even without conditioner ha..ha..ha... I wish I could stay longer but hey, I have to get back to reality....

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  1. Oh Geez-it has been Donkey years,since I've been to Baguio, I studied at Saint Louis University, but it was very quiet then, it's not polluted like the last time I was there in 1996,and session road was mobbed, it's like Champs Elysees in Paris.

    I remember, when the first ever Jollibee was opened in Session Road, we had to queue for hours, then it's closing time, so we had to go back and queue again the next day..

    But the way I see in your blog, there seem to be lots of nice Restaurants to choose now, and the cheese cake looks lush, I love in the UK, a slice of cheese cake is about 300 pesos.


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