Filipino Doctor, finalist in America Meet World!

Yes, you read it right! A medical doctor from the Philippines, Dr. Nathaniel "Nace" Cruz, is a finalist in America Meet World, a global comedy video contest. When he was asked by a local TV host, if he's a real doctor, he replied "I'm really a doctor, I just happen to look like a patient". 

His video entry on the said site has been making a buzz in the  internet world. Portraying as a beggar in his comedy skit "Junjun: The Social Network Savvy Beggar- The Hunger", he describes his entry as "If you think beggars don't use social media, think again".  In his video, Cruz as the hungry beggar, seemed to more keen in the social media scene rather than satisfy his hunger. He took a a snapshot  of the food (given to him by a young kid) with his own cell phone, shared it online and  was so happy that he immediately got a like on his post.  As of to date, the Pinoy doctor seems to be leading in the online votes and views and rated 99% funny. His video entry is in the satire category.  

According to the site of America Meet World, the votes contribute to determining which finalists will be the winner and will be flown to New York City to get advice from award-winning executives from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

To vote for Dr. Nace, just click this link:
To checkout his profile, go to:
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Watch his entry here:


  1. When I first watched this video (over local news), I really laughed out loud. Such irony that reflects some of our "practice" in real life. :)

    By the way, I don't know what happened to this entry. Would you know? :)

    1. There's also a new video that he released after his prize trip to NYC:


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