Blog or Tweet, does it pay?

Last Sunday, I read an article by Ms. Cheche Moral from the Sunday Lifestyle of Philippine Daily Inquirer titled "Social Media Career Pays - Chuvaness, Bag Hag, Fashion Pulis, Tricia Gosingtian - Guess how much they're earning from blogging?" and I was really surprised to find out how some bloggers made serious money by blogging or tweeting. I totally understand getting paid by blogging (hey, you need some thinking and composing to do before you can publish a post) but tweeting???? what can you tweet about with just a 140 characters that can earn you money. 
It was mentioned on the article how some famous bloggers have their own ad rates. A banner ad (placed on the top part of a bloggers site) may cost up to seven figures per annum, Wow! now I know why some young people want to be bloggers even though all the postings on their sites are their #OOTD.

As a personal blogger, I'm only aware of ads from Adsense, Nuffnang (which I haven't tried) and similar sites wherein they place ad buttons in your website and payout maybe based on CPM or "cost per mille". You need to get a lot of views or clicks of these ads before you can cash in and since I don't blog on a regular basis and have no wide audience followers, I've never made any payout. Some bloggers site where I have links, I noticed that they sell ad space on their site which may cost around U$5 - U$30, may cost more depending on the popularity of the site and size of your ad. Ad space can run in weeks or months depending on the advertisers budget.

As for Twitter, my tweets are mostly about everything. I retweet things that I find interesting which might be helpful to others. Recently, I joined a contest where you can win a smartphone by just tweeting something like "why do you want to have that smartphone" and a hashtag was placed on the tweet. I noticed that some celebrities kept on tweeting that same hashtag over and over again. I didn't know the deal about it, (since these celebrities are the endorsers of this product) until I read on the above article that tweets came with a fee, one blogger confessed that she gets paid P5,000 per tweet and maybe if you're a celebrity, it's a different story, so "maybe" that's why these celebrities keeps  on tweeting and I thought they just want it to be the trending topic, stupid me, hahaha... 
I'm not a very techie person but I try to keep up with everything including the social media, I blog and I tweet. I'm not a celebrity so I don't think anyone cares what I say except for some friends whom I got to know while blogging. I have very minimal followers some of them became followers only because I follow them back, so I have no impact or cause traffic, enough to create a wave for advertisers. I'm not a serious blogger so I don't earn money. I only blog when I  feel that I need some things to share, to get it out of my chest or simply, I just want to talk. 
As for my question "Does it pay, to blog or tweet?" I guess it does for some, but it needs time, it doesn't happen overtime. As long as you're enjoying blogging and tweeting, who needs to be paid!


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