Job hunting circa 90's...To Batch 2013, Read this!

To the graduating College class of Batch 2013, just like you, I was once, a young hopeful college graduate, eager to spread my wings and fly. Hoping to find a nice job after graduation, I thought it would be easy but it wasn't. Long before I could spread my wings, reality sets in and I wasn't able to take-off that easily. This is my personal experience when I was job hunting from 1989 to early 90's. 
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For me, just to save money and time, job hunting would mean browsing the classified ads of  newspapers. Yes, computers do exist, but online job searching was never heard of (as far as I know) and I don't remember if there was an internet then (or maybe I was not too techie to know about it).

So there I was, asking our ever reliable newspaper boy "Nestor" (who's been with us since I was a kid) to bring me Sunday edition of the Manila Bulletin, aside from our regular newspaper subscription) because the classified ads there were much better than other newspapers.  Browsing through the pages of the classified ads, I would usually find the following basic requirements of a job ad:

Must be 21 years old, college graduate with at least 2 years experience (on the position you're applying for)
  • I was 21 yrs. old when I started applying for a job, college graduate but still not qualified because I don't have the experience. I was thinking, how the heck am I going to get that experience If no one would hire  a new graduate. With 2 years experience? That would mean  that I should have been working at the age of 19 (still an undergrad) unless I'm one of those gifted children in the 90's who graduated at an early age. 
Must be 5'2" and above (for women)
  • Not all of us are born tall. I was petite in height unlike some of my siblings. I did not inherit the good genes of my mixed up race and I admit, I hardly drink my milk (I'm lactose intolerant) and I don't sleep in the afternoon (as required by my mother). I was applying for a  bank teller job in one of the top banks in Manila. I passed the preliminary exam but when it comes to the physical exam, wherein they asked the applicants to go barefoot and measure our height, that's when I failed the test. I thought it was silly.  I wasn't even applying for a modelling or flight attendant job, why would my height be an issue. Later on,  I was employed as a teller in another bank. I found out  that tellers sit on a high chair behind a mid high counter. So, it doesn't really matter if you're only 5ft. flat, the clients can still see your face.
Must be a graduate of any reputable schools  (such as UP, Ateneo, La Salle and exclusive schools)
  • In some companies, it is a must requirement.  Back then I was wondering, Is there such a school that is not so reputable? I remember a story I heard from where I used to work that there was this applicant, a graduate of a reputable school, when asked about his  expected starting salary, he quoted a five figure salary. I don't know what he was thinking (just maybe he thought of the mentioned requirement), but for a new graduate with no experience, unless you're in Sales or you graduated with honors and has special skills, a five figure salary is already big  for an entry level  position during my time. With no experience, no extra abilities or talents to support his asking price, the HR interviewer (who also came from a reputable school) didn't hire him.
Pleasing Personality
Must have a pleasing personality
  • What is the standard for a pleasing personality in the workplace? I don't know. Sometimes, it's the attractive applicant who made it through the first cut and this wasn't even the search for "Ford's Supermodel" (hey, this is "ANTM" of my time). As far as I know, we all look good in our parents' eyes. Do you agree with me?  
As much as I want to do the job hunting on my own and be hired based on my merits, but after so many misses than hits, I reluctantly accepted the help of my father on finding a good company and a nice job, that's how I got employed (I totally lost my wings...hahaha!!!) and the rest is history.

The youth of today are very lucky, job hunting is as easy as 123, almost everything can be done with just one click (I assume everyone has access to a computer and internet). I seldom see the basic requirements that I mentioned in today's job ads. There are job fairs being held left and right, which saves you a lot of time and money because it's like a one-stop-shop. All they have to do is to be prepared, present yourself well and impress the interviewers ( I know it's not that easy!).  It's okay if you didn't get it the first time, just think of it as your training towards getting your dream job.

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To the graduates of Batch 2013, Happy Graduation! May I remind you that your parents will stop giving you allowance money right after you graduate (unless they are so generous with you). So, good luck with your job hunting.



  1. HAHAHA the irony of your last sentence! "Your parents will stop giving you allowance" Okay this is so evil and awesome, LOL!

    Hey IMEE, WARMEST WELCOME BACK okay?! I really missed you because you are one of the very FIRST blog that I've followed/know from when I started blogging!

    I hope you are well and everything is fine with you <3

    This post of yours rings so much truth, especially the first one. 21 years WITH experience. Like, seriously? >.>

    Great, great GREAT post <3 Welcome, welcome WELCOME back dear <3


  2. Ah...memories. Dem were the days!


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