Do you recycle gifts?

How time flies! It's only October and yet you can feel like Christmas is just around the corner. The weather is getting cooler and the nights are longer. The malls are all already selling Christmas decors, and discount sales are everywhere, it's their way of making people shop more. I already did some Christmas shopping a few months ago since I hate last minute shopping. 

Right now, I'm  doing some general cleaning and decorating the house in time for  the Christmas season. I cleaned out our stock room and gave away some items that has been in the storage for quite some time now. While I was cleaning my closet I found my box of Christmas gifts that I received many years ago. I have this habit of storing gifts for safekeeping. I keep the original wrapping and gift tag so that by the time I'll open it again  and has found a use for it, I'll know who gave it to me. As I opened the box,  I noticed that the gifts had already accumulated over the years and some of them were already obsolete (like the phone book directory, lol!!!) and will end up in the garbage. I was thinking, "should I recycle the gifts that I don't think I can use, maybe others will be glad to have them?". By Christmas time, I'll be getting a lot of these gifts and will eventually end up in my storage again. 
Is it okay to recycle gifts? What do you think? Let me know your opinion.



  1. i don't knowww. it really depends what the item is and who gave it to you. maybe if you had every intention of returning the gift for something you really wanted but didn't get around to it? this is a tough one to answer!

  2. I've never done it before but if the gift is valuable, not used and still in its box, why not?
    Its always a big relieve when you clear off your storage from all the accumulated stuff.

  3. Depends on the kind of gift. I think. But yes I believe it is okay to recycle gifts.

  4. I'm okay with re-gifting as long as I haven't used it yet and if I know the person I am giving the item to would enjoy it more than I would. I still try to be thoughtful when I re-gift making sure that I'm giving it because I think the person would love it and not just because I'm trying to get rid of it.

  5. Dear imee,

    Not sure if you remember me but I am one of your subscriber :D Just catching up with you because I haven't seen you updating your posts for, well I could say two months o.o

    So I am just wondering if you are alright because I love to drop by your blog from time to time and I always have a good time reading them :D

    SO I hope you are fine and if you do celebrate Christmas, Happy Merry Christmas and New Year to you imee!

    mish <3

    1. Merry Christmas too Mish! I'm fine, I had some health check ups for the past few months and I can't concentrate on writing a new blog, hopefully, I'm back to writing soon, thanks for caring!

    2. Health check ups? o.o I hope you are fine ._. The weather has been crazy lately and a lot of people has been falling sick here so please get well soon and hope to read from you soon too! <3


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