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Starting this month of August,  I have a new page called "Quotes to Ponder".  It will  feature quotes from different personalities that will somehow inspire us in our daily lives. I will be posting quotes twice a month and you may pin these to your Pinterest  or share it thru facebook (visit  I'm talking facebook page).

My opening feature quote came from Walt Disney...

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All of us are dreaming that something wonderful may happen to our lives. It can be a successful career, buy a house  finish college or have a family of our own. As we pursue these dreams  sometimes there are hurdles along the way, we get discouraged and we stop.   Maybe you would say "I'm too old to be doing this!", remember Susan Boyleat her age, she had the courage to fulfill her dream, and look at where she's now. As they say "dreams do come true". 



  1. awesome! I love inspiring quotations...looking forward to your new page to grow!

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  3. thanks so much for linking up with the GFC this week =) following you back now!!

  4. I love this feature! That is an awesome quote; you should never hold yourself back when pursuing your dreams.


  5. Hi Imee,

    The hurdles and obstacles we face while pursuing a dream make us grow to be a better person. You're right, we must go no matter what.

  6. Oh wow, seriously love this!! I love hearing and finding new quotes, I think its so inspiring and beautiful. I can't wait to see what other quotes you have for us!



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