Flood hits Metro Manila

I thought another typhoon has entered into our country, but according to the local weather report, it was just a monsoon surge. It  rained since Monday and the downpour had caused flooding around Metro Manila and some parts of Luzon in the Philippines. Most places were submerged in water, some houses were destroyed and many families has been affected by this calamity.  It's a blessing that the flood hasn't reached our place yet but I pity those who live near these flooded areas. They were forced to leave their homes in order to escape from the disaster . However, some who were not lucky and those who insisted to remain in their houses to guard their belongings, were trapped and stranded on top of the roofs of their houses. We can only pray that they may be safe from harm and be reunited once again with their families.
I'm sharing a copy of the "Oratio Imperata - For Deliverance from Calamities", please extend prayers to others whose countries are also facing calamities and disasters right now.

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  1. I hope that you and all your family will be safe from this disaster in your area. I also hope that the other affected areas will get all the help they need from the government to replace all the things that they have lost, and most importantly, I hope that no lives were lost.

    1. Unfortunately there were casualties. The government and private sector are doing everything to help those who are affected by this calamity.


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