Lose weight...with Yoga

Growing up in the 70's and the 80's,  being a skinny girl was more of a disadvantage. Kids my age, would often tease me as "payatot" (term for "skinny"). They thought that I don't eat at all or there was nothing to eat at home (hey, I'm an energetic kid!). I would wish then that I'd gain a few more pounds just not to be teased again.  

Well, I regret having said that...Twenty years later, here I am now, old and overweight, hahaha!!!. I guess my fast metabolism is getting old too.  My husband used to say that I eat like a man (who can blame me, I have 4 brothers). My endocrinologist advised me years ago to lose weight and see a nutritionist, which I did. I followed all the dietary meals, no salt, less carbo, no oils, most of the food I ate then was boiled. I lost weight but it was just temporary because I felt I lost my appetite from eating these bland food. According to my doctor, the ideal weight for my height should be 100 lbs. and I'm 20 lbs. overweight. I used to attend gym classes but I was forced to cancel my membership due to health reasons. 
However, there is one class that I wished I learned more and that is Yoga. I don't have a very flexible body and attending yoga for the very first time was very intimidating to me. All my classmates we're all doing those fine poses while I'm still struggling how to pull myself from one pose to another. After three sessions I decided to quit because of shame.. lol. I end up buying a CD of Yoga for beginners and decided that I'll just do it at home, but before I could begin I lost my CD copy when we moved houses. Right now, I'm back to square one, I promised myself that I'll start again my goal to to be fit and this time by Yoga. I'll keep you posted....



  1. When I joined the gym, I tried different classes, from body attack, Legs, Bums tums, zumba- but never tried Yoga. I think Yoga will not help me lose weight. I eat like a horse..and I love my food, I need something really high intense. I like LBT- it toned my tummy,legs and bums...and body attack is good for cardio.

    1. me too, I love to eat! I just wish I could stop or lessen my rice portion, it's hard not to eat rice, especially with filipino cuisine.

  2. I don't have time for a gym (or actually the personality for it!) but I love my yoga DVD. My kids think it's funny, but I'm 38 and able to touch my toes with ease, so I will take their laughter as encouragement!

    1. I'm starting again with the basic and simplest form that my body can accommodate.

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