If the clothes fit, buy it!

I've been clearing my closet lately and giving away some of my clothes, old and new (which I bought months ago). I've been keeping them for a while thinking that I could wear them again someday if ever I get back to my old form. But that day never came, so I'm letting them go. I've been trying to lose weight for months now and some of the clothes that I've been wearing is either black or a size larger than my normal.  I wanted to shop for new clothes, but every time we went shopping, I always end up empty handed which frustrates me. I'm tired of wearing  black clothing just to hide my body but I don't think it's working for me. My hubby has been wondering why I seem to be not interested in checking out my favorite stores lately, I told him that I lost my appetite for shopping , which I'm very good at, hahaha!!!. Maybe,  I'll  just learn to accept the fact that my body  is not the way it used to be.
Just when I had given up hope, last week when we were at the mall, I saw this long sleeve checkered blouse from Muji that I had been wanting to buy. Even though I knew that this blouse doesn't fit me at all, I just tried it out anyway, with a little hope that maybe, just maybe this time it will fit. To my surprise, I can't believe  what I saw in the mirror, it fits me perfectly. I hurriedly called my hubby  and showed it to him, I've asked myself, have I lost weight? I excitedly told him, I have to buy this, no matter what. With my adrenalin rush pumping, I hop from store to store and bought more new clothes. 



  1. I always find an excuse to buy new clothes!!
    Just wanted to say your blog is sooo cute and I'm a new follower!

    Maybe you could pop over to my blog some time :)


  2. loving your blog - thanks for connecting with me! :)


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