Why do we blog?

This question popped into my mind when I started joining sites for bloggers. I asked a few of them as to why and when they started blogging. Here are some of the responses:

RpD from U.K.
I started to blog in January 2012. I am very passionate and opinionated about certain things in life, so I decided to write about some of those things. In life you don't always have an opportunity to voice your views, so I decided to blog about it. I feel that you can also learn a lot from the comments you receive, as it opens your mind to different views that you wouldn't have seen before.
I also enjoy reading many other blogs and commenting when I can as well.

JB from U.S.A
I went from a full time career to staying at home with my babies. I used to chatter on, all day in meetings and in an open-plan office. Now I find I have so much to talk about but there's no-one to listen. So rather than go crazy and start talking to myself I decided to start blogging - which in the beginning (when no-one was reading it) was not too different!

CI from The Philippines
I blog because it is also a way for me to express myself. I started writing maybe when I was in 2ndyear high school. Since then, I love to write and even tried to inspire everyone who reads my work.

CL from Canada
I initially started blogging way back in high school, on live journal. As a teenage girl I guess it was to get out the frustrations and hormones. As I got older I trancended into blogging for work and other reasons.

Upon reading some of the responses, I guess most of us, blogging is our way of expressing our thoughts and opinions on matters concerning us. I started blogging when I had so much free time after I resigned from the job I had for 16 years. I got bored and I had no one to talk to when everyone else in the house had left for work. I have so much on my mind and blogging was my outlet. At first, I kept my blog to myself because I'm not too confident on sharing it with others, It's like my diary (which I never had in my teens) but eventually, after reading  countless blogs by other people, I decided to jump in and publish my blogs. Just recently, I started joining bloggers sites and quite learning from others on ways how to improve my site. Although, I've been writing for 2 years now, I'm still trying to find my niche. Keep writing and Happy blogging!


  1. well, I feel the same. Blogging has become my outlet from everything that's why I considered it as my "sanctuary". This is the place for me that "I can be who I am" :) Thanks for the talk dear :) be blessed and much love.

    1. yup, we can be ourselves here in our own world which is blogging, thanks for the comment :)

    2. Hi your blog is so cool. this is nice real quality post

  2. I feel more relax when I'm writing, sometimes we do not share the same opinions with our friends and family, and there are times that we just want someone to listen to us and not to hear from their own opinions, or get bombarded with questions, that's why when you blog,you are free to express whatever you want to say, without someone interrupting you...

    That's why people go to therapist, when they have problems, therapist will just listen and listen to you,they don't mind you talking, because you're paying them per hour, so the more you talk,the more they like,then when you're done talking, and have questions, then they'll tell you what they think is best for you...

    But with friends,sometimes they interrupt and disagree with you, when you talk, which kinda irritating. and Im like--I'm not asking for an advice,I just want you to listen to me...You know what am saying?

    Ang sabi nga nila-Hindi lahat ng kaibigan kailangan payuhan, paminsan-minsan kailangan natin silang batukan ng matauhan! :)

    (sensya na,nasobrahan na naman ako ng MSG siguro,kumain kasi ako ng boy bawang)

    1. very well said! love your comment. sorry,ang tagal ko ng di nakakatikim ng MSG,trying to eat healthy kuno, hahaha.. Di ko pa rin natikman ang boy bawang kahit andito lang ako sa pinas', naririnig ko lang sya sa iba. hahanapin ko nga sya sa grocery at ng masubukan, lol.. Thanks! <3

  3. It's therapy, that's for sure. Better than the shopping therapy you mentioned on my blog post----blogging is one of THE best outlets for me to use when I just have to get something off mind!!!

    1. yes, you're right blogging is much better therapy than shopping plus it won't cost you money. thanks!

  4. I love blogging because I love writing and expressing myself. I used to write in journals religiously (I would fill up one composition book per month), but I always feared people would never see/forget about my writings. Blogging is a way to ensure that people will see and that what I say and feel won't be lost forever.


  5. Just like what I've put in my profile, blogging is my way of following my dream to be a writer and at the same time it is therapy and hobby for me. :-)

  6. I find blogging extremely therapeutic. Writing always helped me empty my mind. Also, it's a great thing because it helps to create a community throughout the globe, ultimately brining us all closer to each other! Thanks for this post.


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