My Dove Hair Therapy Experience

During my younger years, I was blessed to have a very straight and silky brown hair (flat irons and rebonding wasn't introduced yet). I don't pay that much attention to my hair, i don't even use hair conditioner. There are times that I would go to school without even combing my hair, I just finger combed it and that's just about it, no other routines. 

Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo
But now, after several haircuts and 2 perms (uso pa noon) my hair has never been the same again, it's a bit wavy, dry and dull, I have  falling hair  and due to hormonal problems, gray hair suddenly popped out, so I have to color it frequently (I don't want to but I have to) ...who says growing old is easy, hahaha...
I've tried every treatment that I can afford, I'm still using  "Lolane" hair treatment (mentioned in my previous post), but it's not for daily use.  I changed shampoo every two weeks (my hair gets too dry if i used the same product straight). A few weeks ago, a friend mentioned to me about this new "Dove Hair Therapy" and suggested that I should give it a try. I thought "why not!, I got nothing to lose". So when I did my grocery shopping at SM Supermarket in Megamall, I bought the Nourishing Oil Care type of shampoo and conditioner, I also got a free trial pack from purchasing a dove soap. When I got home, I immediately used the trial pack. It has a nice smelling scent which I like. I noticed that the shampoo wasn't that thick and I had to wet my hair thoroughly in order for the shampoo to lather. Then I applied the conditioner and after a little massaging and strokes, my fingers just glides into my hair, there was no  warm and heavy feeling that most conditioners are. It reminded me of the Silky Perfumed Hair Conditioner sachet that was included in the Bubble Hair Coloring pack that I bought from Etude several weeks ago. It has almost the same effect, the only difference is, with Etude, you can instantly feel the silkiness the moment your finger touches your hair, my only problem then, was that they don't sell it separately from their Bubbles hair coloring, so I have to pay more just to get that conditioner. After a few minutes, I washed my hair, even though it's still wet, I can almost feel the difference. My hair feels light and fresh. As I run my fingers through my hair, there were no tangles. It's soft and smooth, I can't stop touching my hair (just like in that other shampoo commercial), "madulas haplusin". I just can't believe it.
Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner
It's been more than a week since I started using the Dove Nutritive Therapy. There are days that I would only use the shampoo and my hair would still be fine. I read some positive comments on the internet about Dove hair care and these are coming from real consumers. For me, Dove Nourishing Oil Care really works (celebrities endorsers not needed).

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  1. the Dove Nutritive Therapy Shampoo is so underrated compared to other worthless brand. I've been using it for about three consecutive months and it really went great. Where did you got yours? I used to order mine at (, almost every month. Thank you Imee for sharing, keep it up :)


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