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"Annyeong haseyo"...It means "hi or hello" in English. These were the first Korean words I learned from watching several TV shows and programs from KBS World ( a cable channel available at Skycable). I don't usually  watch local TV shows (except "Eat Bulaga") as well as foreign telenovelas that are locally dubbed but ever since I have watched "Pretty Mom, Pretty Woman" on this cable channel, I was hooked. Here are some of the shows that I'm currently watching:
Screening Humanity

"Screening Humanity" a documentary story of everyday life of an ordinary person in Korea.

KBS world
"Wild Romance", a story about a baseball star player and his bodyguard ( a woman), they can't stand each other's presence but who knows they may end up as sweethearts...

Dear My sister poster 

"Dear My Sister", a dramatic novel about the success in life of an underprivileged woman named "Bok-Hui. This one will make you cry.
Hearts of Nineteen poster 

"Hearts of Nineteen" a farm girl who falls in love with his boss (and vice-versa), his parents are really against the poor girl because their son is about to get married to his childhood friend.

Even though the shows are all in Korean and I had to read the subtitles, I really enjoy watching it. What I definitely like about these programs (although the storyline is very typical), is that they were able to give the viewers (like me) a reason to watch their show. They feature beautiful sceneries, places, food and their traditions as part of the story. Aside from enjoying watching your favorite show, you also learn a lot about their culture. I became very interested, that  it made me want to visit Korea someday. One thing for sure, one of these days, I will attempt to eat 'kimchi".

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