Most Celebrated Season of All

"It's that time of year when the world  falls in love", may I quote from one of my favorite Christmas songs sang by the Carpenters ( I don't know if there are other versions of it). Christmas season, is the most awaited celebration for most of us. It seems everyone is in a joyous mood, has a big smile on every one's face and we tend to forget all about our worries just for this season. The only thing that dampens my Christmas spirit is the horrendous traffic, of course everyone is heading to the mall to shop gifts for our loved ones. 

As for me, I already got my Christmas gift from my hubby, an Oster Stand mixer (I  wish by next year, I get the KitchenAid mixer, hahaha...)

My Christmas tree is already up since November 1 and I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts. Hopefully, I'll be sitting pretty and done by next week. Happy Holidays to All!!!!

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