Cassava Creme Royale in San Juan

I was fond of eating native delicacies like cassava cake since I was a kid. I remember we used to sell this in our store and every morning, a freshly baked cassava cake is delivered to us and each time my mom wasn't around,  I would take a slice and eat it while I'm watching the store. If she'd asked me about the missing slice of cake, I tell her that someone had just bought it. I don't know if she ever believed it.

dessert, sweet, store
store facade
Last thursday, while we were outside our  house, I noticed this new store, Cassava Creme Royale just across the street. I was curious and wanted to check it out but  since it was holy thursday and a holiday, I waited till the store opened last Monday. We went there before closing time. We were greeted by the owners, Monchit Carballo and Jojo (wasn't able get his last name). They were very accomodating and even allowed us to take some pictures.  The store offers take-out orders only and on soft opening. It's a small store, with just a take out counter and a bench for waiting customers, the kitchen workshop can be seen on the right side as you enter the store.

cassava, menu, sweet
pricelist and kitchen workshop
There are  2 varieties of cassava cake on their menu list, the Cream Royale and Cheesy Cream Royale, both are priced at P160/original pack, P30/singles and box of 6 at P170. I wanted to try both, so I ordered the singles,  but was told that Creamy Royale  singles is not available (still in the oven at that time). Instead, I opted for the Cream Royale original pack, they were gracious enough to give me a cheesy singles as complimentary.

muffin, cassava
Cheesy Cream Royale (regular muffin size)
creamy, sweet, dessert

Since it was already dinner time, I had the Cheesy Cream for dessert and kept the other one in the refrigerator. On my first bite, I thought it was just like plain cassava cake, but as I got to the middle part, I can taste the cheese and it melts in your mouth as you chew the cake. It's soft and the right amount of sweetness (which I like). The single size is "medyo bitin" (not enough) for me and I had a hard time eating the cake from the paper liner (same as a cupcake liner) because it  sticks to it.

The next day I tried out the Creamy Royale cassava. I pre-heated it in the microwave (warming instructions written in the box) for a few seconds. The cream on top looks like a flan and when I tasted it and It was really creamy (true to its name). Eventhough it was kept in the ref for a day, it still looked and taste like it was freshly baked. The texture was soft and it has smooth mixture (no big chunks of cassava inside). This one is baked on a foil, so  cutting and taking it out was easy. I prefer this type of cassava cake and I  pair it with hot tea, its really "amazingly good" .

Cassava Creme Royale
San Juan City


  1. Saan po ang address nito? kasi naghahanap kasi kami nito...
    at yun pong hotline nyo po? pwede po makita?

    1. It's along P. Guevara St, corner Ibuna St. it's near the San Juan Police Station. They also have a branch at SM Megamall.


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