An apple pie for a good deed

 I was in Subic this morning and decided to stop by at Meat Plus for lunch. While we were waiting for our food, I went to the ladies room. As I  enter one of the cubicles, there was a ladies bag hooked on the back of the door probably left by the last user. Thinking that the owner will return for her bag, I just ignored it and  moved to the next cubicle. After I'm finished doing my thing, there was another woman freshening up, I asked her if the bag was hers inside the cubicle, she said it wasn't hers and left the room. It was then that I decided to get the bag, without checking it I immediately endorsed it to the manager. I returned to my seat and proceeded with my lunch. Halfway eating my food, the manager approaches me and told me that she already found out the owner of the bag. She pointed to me where she was seated and I waved at the owner as she was saying thank you. I went back to finish my lunch and a waiter went to our table and served 2 big slices of an apple pie. I said to myself, "I haven't ordered a dessert yet". Maybe the waiter saw the confusion in our faces, he then told us that it was given by a customer pointing in the direction where the bag owner is.  I politely asked the waiter to return it but he said that the customer had already paid for it. I looked back at her again, this time I was the one saying thank you.  After done eating. I went straight to her table, thank her again for the pie ( I gave her the other pie because we were already full) and told her the story how I got her bag. I was really surprised because I never expected to be rewarded it, I've done many good deeds in my entire life (just doing what is suppose to be right), this is the "first"  that I got something out of it and I don't know how to respond to it. As I left the place, I feel so light and happy thinking that I did a good thing to another person, she also made my day because I really like apple pie (was it just a coincidence??) hmmm...

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