Saving my crowning glory with Lolane

I was in the Beauty section of SM Dept. store at SM Megamall looking for henna for my gray hair when I came across with this  salesperson from Lolane  who was offering me their hair coloring product, I politely refuse her offer since I don't use hair colorant with ammonia or peroxide, my hair is already dry  and I have falling hair and doesn't go well with these chemicals. She then suggested that I try their Natura Hair Treatment for Nourishing and Color Hair. I was hesitant at first since I wasn't familiar with this brand (I checked their website, they're based in Thailand and has been in the business of hair care for more than 20 years). I asked her if they have any trial size but she informed me that they only have this 250g bottle, she even told me that this product is so good that once I tried it I will be asking for a much bigger size. I eventually gave in to her salestalk and bought the hair treatment but before I left her, I jokingly told her that if what she told me isn't true, I'll come back to hunt her, hahaha...

The next day after I colored my hair with Henna, instead of using  conditioner or any hair treatment, I used the Natura Hair Treatment. Since my hair is not that thick, I only got a small amount of the cream and applied it all over my hair. As i'm massaging it to my hair, I can feel that it's very light and cool to the hair unlike any other conditioners or  hair treatment. Just a few minutes into my hair, I rinsed it off and I noticed that less hair was falling off. After I towel dry it, I combed my hair lightly  and then I let it dry naturally.  When my hair was fully dry,  it was silky soft, smooth and manageable, I don't even have to use comb to fix my hair,  just like in the commercial of a popular brand of shampoo "kinamay lang" ( you run your fingers through your hair when fixing it). The texture of my hair has improved of my initial use which you don't normally get from other commercially produced hair treatment. It's like getting out of the salon after a treatment without spending a lot of money (it only cost me P199 or less than $4). It's cheap, yet effective. I use it every other day so a 250g bottle will be good for a couple of months (depending on the length and thickness of your hair),

Lolane Nature Hair TreatmentI have straight hair since birth but as my age mature as well as my hair, it became very dry and wavy. I live in a tropical country so I  wash my hair daily and I rarely use hair conditioner because my scalp gets too oily, but after using  Lolane, my hair keeps getting healthier each day and hopefully the way it was 15 years ago.

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