Worried about Bags and Dark Circles under your eyes?

I never had bags and dark circles under my eyes before, but when I started sleeping late at night from watching late night shows and playing some of my favorite apps on Facebook, these two ugly things began to show up and decided to stay under my eyes, but not for long... I discovered "Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-on. It's been available in the market for quite sometime, but I never even bothered to check out this product until now. The first time I've used it, I've noticed that it reduced the puffiness of my eyes. I love the fresh cooling sensation when I rolled it under my eyes. I used it morning and night and sometimes when I just had a good cry (you wouldn't want to see me on this, my eyes were really swollen), I just apply this, and magic!, it's gone. As for my dark circles, the magic never happened overnight, it took about 3 days before the skin under my eye looked lighter and radiant.

Garnier eye roll-on posterI've been using it for a more than a month now and I can see that the skin under my eyes are improving. The cooling effect of the gel is really soothing, sometimes when the metal roller gets warmer (due to the warm temperature in my room), I place the roll-on in the refrigerator for a few seconds, just to make it cool and then use it. I don't know if it can change or lessen the efficacy of the product but it works for me. The roll-on is just pen-size and it can easily fit in your bag or even purse. Also, one good thing about it, it's so affordable!, I bought mine at Beauty by SM Dept. Store for only P199 from the original price of P299, super discount!

Getting enough sleep is still the best solution for these problems, but if you can't help it, try Garnier Eye Roll-on and see the difference. So keep rollin'...

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