Red Mango, All Natural Frozen Yogurt, it's better than ice cream!

I have been eating yogurt since I was in my early 20's. Aside from the health benefits we get from eating yogurt, I really like the tangy taste of it especially when  fruits are added. During that time, yogurt can only be bought in groceries and mostly, health conscious people eat it, but the past year, frozen yogurt stores have mushroomed all over the malls in Metro Manila and people of all ages are patronizing it.
I was never a part of this yogurt craze that hit Manila, for me, it's just yogurt, how can it be that different?, not until Red Mango was introduced in Manila last year.  We were in Megamall, we just had our dinner and I was craving for dessert, my hubby suggested that I try Red Mango, he said he had already tried it and it was good (mind you, he's not really into yogurt).  Since it's his treat, I agreed to eat at Red Mango. As you enter the store, you will notice the clean, simple interiors. The ambiance was relaxing, although it was full of customers at that time, the place is not noisy at all, you can still enjoy your food while having a chat with your friends.  
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At the counter, you can choose from the two yogurt variety, Original and Green tea, you can go plain (P80/4oz for the Original) or you can top it off with the toppings of your choice  like mangoes, strawberries, mandarin orange, almonds  and many more. Cost per topping is  P20  but you can get it for less if you order two or more toppings. As a first timer, I went for the original and had blueberries and kiwis as toppings. Just to get the taste of it, I first took a spoonful of the yogurt only, and wow!  The taste was so refreshing and I felt my palate was cleansed with the freshness  of the yogurt. It was so creamy and yet it felt so light. Then, I tried it together with the toppings and it was even better. The yogurt and the fruits complimented each other, when combined, it's a match made in heaven!!! It was so good that I almost went for a second order. For those who are hesitant to try the frozen yogurt, Red Mango also offers waffles, smoothies, blenders, organic coffee and tea.

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I tried eating at other "froyo" stores,  although, all of them offer healthy, fat-free yogurt, I still prefer the rich taste of Red Mango.
If you want to indulge yourself in some cool treats this summer, why not try Red Mango, it's better than ice cream, without the guilt!

red mango posterRed Mango branches : Megamall, Eastwood, Trinoma and Greenbelt 3
Other countries: Los Angeles, New York, Bangkok, South Africa, Indonesia and Singapore.

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