The Graduates- Batch 2010

kids, How time flies! My nephew, Kevin and  niece, Chinee graduated from High School last March 26, 2010. As if it was only yesterday when they would come into our house and had sleepovers during weekends. They would start tinkering and playing with some of my stuff in my room. Kevin loves my Bugs Bunny stuffed toy (he called it Buc Anny) which is bigger than him and he would always ask me if he could just bring it home for a while and every time he returned it, Bugs Bunny's nose has been already brown and dirty and some of his whiskers are missing until there's nothing left of it. Chinee, on the other hand, loves Barbie dolls (which I don't have), but every time she's in my room, she would play with my collection of Hello Kitty stuffed toy. They are both 16 years old now and all grown up, in 3 months time, they'll be off to college and start a new chapter in their adolescent life. Now, i'm starting to feel old and dusty, lol... Congratulations to both of you!!!

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  1. Congratulations Kevin! and Chinee!
    I remember the days when you used to bring Kevin in the office, small, chubby cute boy. Binubuhat mo pa, baka ngayon siya na bubuhat sa iyo, hahahaha.

    I wish them both the best in their College lives.

    -atta dowdow


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