"Crocs" and the Citi

Last March 17, I was at the "Crocs Mega Sale" held at the Mega Tent in Ortigas Center, Pasig. It was a Preview Sale exclusive for Citi Cardholders and Citibank depositors. The sale was opened to the public from March 18-21. Citibank cardholders get free entrance + 2 companions after presenting our card to the main entrance.  
On my way to the Tent, traffic was heavy, I was in the car for about 20 minutes until I decided to step out and just walk to the venue. When I got to the gate, I was surprised to see a long line of people waiting to get inside the tent, it was a working day and I wasn't expecting to see a lot of people as early as 11:00am. I found out that some of them came in as early as 8 o'clock in the morning, others just took an early lunch break and some went on a half day leave from the office just to be there. Due to the heavy volume of shoppers, we were not able to get in until past noon. Upon entering,  we were given a price list and a big plastic bag, I went straight to the women's section located at the back end. It was jam packed, I can't even get near the shoes. Boxes and shoes were all over the place, so you have to dig into the boxes to find your size and the style you like. Lucky me, I'm a size 6 (a most common shoe size in women in the Philippines) and yet I managed to get a few pairs without getting any bruises, lol...
Crocs shoes, saleAfter getting the shoes I wanted, I went looking for the Cashier counter to pay, and again, there was a long queue. I almost wanted to just leave and drop everything, until I saw a familiar face on the line that I met earlier, her name is Annie, she managed to squeeze me into her line. Finally, at around 5:00pm, we reached the Cashier counter. Discounts given ranged from 15% to 90% off of the regular price. You may also pay using your Citi Rewards points for up to 50% of the retail or discounted price , plus as an added reward from Citibank, for every single receipt worth P1,500 using my Citi credit card, I got a free movie pass, although when I availed it at SM Cinema in Megamall, I paid an extra P60/person for the movie "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief", I was told  that only P100/pass was shouldered by Citibank.
I'm sure everyone went home tired but  are thrilled with all the shoes they bought plus the big savings they got. I'm looking forward to the next  "Crocs Mega Sale" (hopefully there is...)
By the way, as I'm about to publish this blog, I suddenly felt dizzy and my seat was shaking, Oh, my God! There's an earthquake! I rushed out of my room and then went back again to get my cellphone,. Good thing it only lasted a few seconds, but it sure has rocked my blogging world, ha..ha..ha..


  1. whoa!!! 5 pairs?!?!?! Deym! hahahahaha
    Good for you Imee, it's such a nice feeling getting what you really really wanted despite of the obstacles you went through.
    Thanks to the sweet lady who squeezed you in the line :)
    Enjoy your shoes! "Imelda-fic" hahahahaha
    Till next Crocs Sale!

    -atta dowdow

  2. kaya nga imelda is my name. he..he..he...

  3. I'm not much of a shoe guy so I would not have faced all that for shoes, however would do the same for toys any day. I guess we all have our thing we will wait hours to get cheap, haha. I hope the Earthquake was not as exciting as your shoe purchases. Thanks for linking up for Flashback Friday Blogshare!


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